Sono 48 i progetti della prima review LEGO Ideas 2024

Sono 48 i progetti della prima review LEGO Ideas 2024

Si è conclusa da poco la prima review di progetti LEGO Ideas di questo 2024.
Vediamo quali sono i progetti che potrebbero diventare un set ufficiale:

Spirited Away 

Appa The Sky Bison, from Avatar the last Airbender

Venus Flytrap

Minerals Display

Dreamworks’ Shrek’s Swamp 2

Hello Kitty and Friends – 50 Years

Dr. Seuss’s the Grinch

Medieval tournament

Among us: the Skeld

Cherry Blossom Ikebana

Roman Forum

The Wizard of OZ – 85th Film Anniversary


Working Suspension Railway

Metallica M72 World Tour

Suitcase Express!

Outer Wilds

Medieval Inn by the Gatehouse

Clockwork Solar System

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

My Neighbor Totoro

Tower Chess

Medieval Bee Farm

LEGO Gundam

Dancing House, Prague

The Wizard Peaks

Rocky Reef Restoration

Finding Nemo – First Day of School

Coraline – The Pink Palace

Vintage Record Player

The Higland Cow

Scooby Dooh! and the Ravenwood Mansion

Greek Holiday

Men in Black: Agent K’s transforming jet car

Széchenyi Chain Bridge (Budapest)

The Great British Bake Off

Ancient Egyptian Temple

Sony Walkman

LEGO Reptiles

Canal Houseboat

Crescent Moon Rock Sculpture

Portal 2 Quantum Tunneling device. The “Portal Gun”

Sewer Heroes: Fighting the Fatberg – Overtime

Wolfpack Castle

Laurel & Hardy Theatre

Sushi Boat

The Art of Japan

Booknook: the Story Laboratory

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